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02. lipca 2008 17:16:00

Hydroxyzin is a drug from the group of antihistamines and is used to treat anxiety and inputs and by sleep disturbances and itching as a symptom of various skin diseases.

The drug Hydroxyzin acts in the body in several places: It affects different systems messenger substance in the brain and other body. This reassuring and he angstlösend, nausea and itching stillend soothing. In allergic skin diseases by the Gewebshormon histamine itching triggered - Hydroxyzin weakens the effect of histamine, and can be excruciating itching disappear.

Hydroxyzin strong sedative effect and promotes sleep - it is especially suited for nighttime relief of severe itching for allergies and atopic dermatitis.

Applications: fear, tension and Erregungs states, hives (urticaria), atopic dermatitis, sleep disorders, and anxiety to reassure solution operations or investigations.

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All about diflucan!! 
02. lipca 2008 09:15:00

Diflucan pay for treatment in South Africa, n. $ 15 day. This, however, is much more of what South Africa's 27 million product as requiring the patient should be able to pay. In Thailand, where the generic product is manufactured by Pfizer, without in the permit, Diflucan will pay $ 1.5 a day.

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